Prompt, targeted and effective physiotherapy


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Physiotherapy techniques

Precise initial diagnostics

to determine the causes of pain problems

Soft-tissue and joint mobilization techniques

for the treatment of soft tissue (muscles, fasciae, ...),
to release joint blockades

Active exercise

application of specific physiotherapy techniques based on developmental kinesiology and neurophysiologic principles for controlling and functioning of the human locomotor system (DNS according to prof. Kolar, Vojta therapy, PNF, BOSU exercises, ProprioFoot, Thera-Band exercises ...)

Kinesio Taping

Free of charge as a standard part of the therapy,
with a long-lasting effect on the tissue

Price list

  • Initial diagnostics and therapy, counselling950 CZK
  • 60-minute therapy950 CZK
  • 60-minute therapy - children, students800 CZK


active, highly dynamic, physically demanding exercises with the physiotherapist, using flexible moves on unstable surfaces

More about PhysioTraining


  • enriched with manual medicine techniques
  • given by a university-educated physiotherapist
  • more effective and deeper muscle and mind relaxation

For the general public

Start your therapy without long waiting for an available appointment

  • Immediate treatment of acute back pain
    and neck pain
  • Effective treatment of chronic musculoskeletal disorders
  • Treatment of migraine causes
  • Therapy of diastasis recti in postpartum women
  • Treatment of post-traumatic, post-operative conditions
  • Tennis elbow, heel spur
  • Preventive care
  • Early morning and late evening appointments
  • A 60-minute therapeutic sessionfor complex treatment of your problems
  • Individual approachas the basis of successful therapy
  • Emphasis on maximally effectivetherapy

For athletes

Therapy / prevention / recovery

  • better tuning of the locomotor system, coordination skills
  • prevention of injury
  • improved exercise tolerance
  • possibility of more complex, effective
    and healthier training
  • increased athletic performance
  • faster and better post-traumatic treatment
    and return to intense workout routine

PhysioTraining born of long-time experience with athletes

For those looking for intense exercise and good coordination skills, strong abdominal and trunk muscles and improved balance ability in high dynamics.

  • very intense exercise under the control of the physiotherapist
  • emphasis on precise coordination performance
  • highly dynamic exercises
  • unstable surface training

Cooperation with

Czech men´s and women´s national MTBO and ARDF teams, the Slovak alpine ski racer Veronika Velez-Zuzulová and Petra Vlhová.
Individual cooperation with a number of high-performance athletes (athletics, hockey, floorball, tennis, dance ...)

For companies

Preventive therapy

aimed at compensation of occupational stress impact (static overload during prolonged sitting, repetitive motion disorders, asymmetrical overload...)

Provision of assistive devices

for seat dynamization, for the best possible setting of
the musculoskeletal system

Ergonomic advice

suggestion about ergonomic adjustments in offices or at workplaces advice on the musculoskeletal system

Advice on movement regimes

appropriate compensation sporting activities

Physiotherapy directly in your company

About me: Mgr. Jakub Veškrna

  • 2001 - 2006study of Physiotherapy at FTK, Palacky University, Olomouc
  • 2006 - 2012physiotherapist at Rehabilitace Osteologického centra Brno
  • 2006 - 2013physiotherapist of Czech junior and senior ARDF national teams
  • 2007 - presentphysiotherapist of Czech junior and senior MTBO national teams
  • 2012 - 2015physiotherapist of the Slovak alpine ski racer Veronika Velez-Zuzulová
  • 2014 - 2016physiotherapist of the Slovak alpine ski racer Petra Vlhová
  • 2012starting my own practice Physiotherapy Jakub Veškrna

Post-graduate education

DNS according to Kolar,
Vojta Therapy,
Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF),
Quadrupedal locomotion in the prevention and treatment of disorders of the axial body,
S-E-T concept (C-section),
A number of seminars led by experts in the field (Prof. Kolar, Prof. Lewit and others ...)